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Trekking in Nepal     • Upper Dolpo Rara Lake Trekking

Trek nepal trekking in nepal trek in nepal


Trekking in Dolpo region is difficult level by the point of view of accessible. The settlement in this area is started in the 10th century by farmers and Tibetan nomads. Shey Phoksunmdo National Park covers and protects the most of the part of Dolpa.
The attraction of this land is landscape, people around, wilderness region and Shey Phoksumdo lake that changes its color with the change of weather. While the sun disappears lake becomes dark blue/ the turquoise color. Popular and preservative land of Bon-po symbolism which was a system in Tibet before Buddhism was established. Bonpo is developed from the animist group.
Most monasteries in Dolpo are either Bon or Kagyupa, although there seems to be a trend to convert to Nyingmapa
Phoksundo Lake The lake is spectacular, it is 4.8km long, 1.8km wide and said to be 650m deep. It is known for its aquamarine color a greenish blue similar to a special Tibetan turquoise .There is no aquatic life in the lake, which helps to make the waters brilliantly clear. If one tosses a rock in, one can watch it for a long time as it sinks to the bottom. According to legend, Phoksumdo Lake was formed by a spiteful female demon.
In Buddhist Himalaya, David Snellgrove recounts how the demon was fleeing from the saint Padmasambhava and gave the village people a turquoise after they promised not to tell that she had passed by. Padmasambhava turned the turquoise into a lump of dung, which upset so much the local people and they revealed the demon's whereabouts. She, in return caused a flood. It is said you can see the remains of a village below the lake's surface.
Upper Dolpo & Shey Gompa
Upper dolpo region is situated in the northwestern Nepal. It is the upper area of the Tarap Khola and Shey Phokundo lake. The route passes through dry land of the valley snow-capped peaks and the desolate plateau.
Trekking into the Jumla region is one of the most astonishing and charming treks This trek requires very good experience of trekking and good physical condition. Attraction of this region is the landscapes, flowers, Rara lake, flora and fauna, Jumli culture and villages. Rara lake is surrounded by the forest of Oak, Juniper, blue pine, spruce and cypress. The route passes through villages, several rivers, forest of fir, walnut, birch, juniper and pine, treeless meadow. Rara, the largest Lake in Nepal is in the high elevation towards the north west of Nepal with it's unique culture, dramatic landscape and some historically important place on the way.

  • Trekking Upper Dolpo Rara lake Trekking
  • 32 Days TREK out of 36 DAYS in NEPAL
  • 5 night Hotel on bed and breakfast

Trekking Programme

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu reception at the airport and transfer to hotel night in hotel.
Day 02: Guided visits in Kathmandu valley.}
Day 03: Trekking from Kathmandu to Nepalganj by plane and hotel in Nepalgunj.
Day 04: Trekking from Nepalganj to Juphal by plane.
Day 05: Trekking from Juphal to Roha Gaun
Day 06: Trekking from Roha Gaun to Sepka
Day 07: Trekking From Sepka to Reji
Day 08: Trekking from Reji to Ringmo (Shey Phoksindo Lake)
Day 09: Rest day in Ringmo
Day 10: Trekking from Ringmo to Chumyambe
Day 11: Trekking from Chumyambe to Mendojersa
Day 12: Trekking from Mendojersa to She Gumpa
Day 13: Rest day in She Gumpa
Day 14: Trekking from She Gumpa to Daljung Kharka
Day 15: Trekking from Daljung Kharka to Mejair
Day 16: Trekking from Mejair to Nupu Kharka
Day 17: Trekking from Nupu Kharka to Foth gan
Day 18: Trekking from Foth gan to Basa
D19: Trekking from Basa to Gambuk
Day 20: Trekking from Gambuk to Majiuthang
Day 21: Trekking from Majiuthang to Takla Khola
Day 22: Trekking from takla Khola to Thangiep
Day 23: Trekking from Thangiep to Khal Chaur
Day 24: Khal Chaur (rest day)
Day 25: Trekking from Khal Chaur to Dhunge Danda
Day 26: Trekking from Dhunge Dhanda to Gamgadi
Day 27: Trekking from Gamgadi to Rara lake
Day 28: Rara Lake trip
Day 29: Rara lake trip
Day 30: Trekking from Rara lake to Topla
Day 31: Trekking from Topla to Bumra
Day 32: Trekking from Bumra to Patmara
Day 33 :Trekking from Patmara to Jumla
Day 34 :Departure from Jumla to Nepalganj to Kathmandu. Istallation in same hotel.
Day 35: Day free in Kathmandu.
Day 36: Transfer

This price includes: Trek in full board. All indicated visits and transfers, flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Juphal and Jumla to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu, a professional guide- English speaking and a porter for the luggage of 2 person, reception at airport, transfers airport/hotel/airport, special permits and entrance fees in national parks/ conservation area projects, transportation to/ from trek, tourist standard hotel in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj on bed and breakfast basis.

Trekking in tent: Accommodation under tent, food prepare by our cook, cook, porters, table and chaires.

Price does not include: all the drinks except tea or coffee in breakfast .Meals in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj, entrance fees in the monuments, museums and cities, airport tax, visa fees, tips.

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