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    Mustang the forbidden kingdom , it was long forbidden to foreigners after the long forbidden kingdom of Mustang is open to all. We start by going up the Kali Gandaki, through the villages of this region to Lo Manthang and continue further north to Yara and Lori Dzong. The Mustang Grand Tour gives you a complete view of the Lo kingdom.
    Trekking in the Mustang region: The Kingdom of Lo, better known as Mustang , is a Tibetan enclave (approximately 3000m²) in Nepalese territory. Located north of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massifs, it has always been synonymous with "Forbidden Kingdom" for Westerners - capital: Lo Manthang.
    The landscapes are typically Tibetan with arid highlands rich in colors and very windy. Trek in Mustang is a very interesting one.
    The monsoon only arrives in a moderate way, but the winter is very harsh. The Mustang remains undoubtedly one of the last authentic destinations for lovers of the Himalayas. In your program on foot, you will go from one village to another, setting up camps for the night. Trekking in Mustang - You will follow the Kali Gandhaki, pass near troglodyte sites, red cliffs and cross passes rarely exceeding 4000 meters. You will pass herds of yaks and sheep to arrive at the fortified city of Lo Manthang.
    You can explore the region and visit the various surrounding villages (Tsarang), monasteries and caves. To return to Jomsom you will take a different path and pass through the Hindu shrine of Muktinath. You go on trekking with Bhariya Treks & Expedition . You discover a great Himalayan myth and landscape architecture.

    Package Name: Treks au Mustang en 16 jours

    Package Type : Treks avec Couples/ famillies/ groupes des amis.

    Package Location : Dans la région d'interdit Mustang

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    USD 1950 :- min 2 pax
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